Welcome to MYO-life! My name is Frederike and love to travel, cook and am simply enjoying life!

I live in The Netherlands and I’m lucky to travel a lot. Most of our family vacations with we spent at Turkey’s West Coast. An oasis where we can relax and recharge. I call this my Ottoman life. I have a bucket list of travel destinations and am working (travelling) hard to shorten it.

I love to cook. The kitchen is by far one of my favorite places. Although I’m addicted to beautiful cookbooks I can’t follow recipes. I just read them for inspiration and make my own varations. My 2 daughters love to help, especially when I’m baking sweet stuff. I’d like to throw dinner party’s and will be remembered by my 3.5 meters long cheese board.


In my own studio I design and make jewelry, paint and sculpture. My daughters love to join me there and have fun with their own creative ideas.

Please write to me any time with comments, invites, things you like….

You can reach me at myo-life@outlook.com 

Love, Frederike