The taste of Rome

I really love the Italian kitchen. It’s the art of making delicious food by keeping it simple. Fresh, full of taste (and carbs). We’re recently came back home after 8 days in Rome and some very pleasant culinary experiences which  I’d like to share with you. I narrowed it down to the 5 best restaurants we’ve been to.

  1. Assagi d’Autore

On the route from the Trevi Fountain to the Colloseum we found this little restaurant. You can have tea, lunch, drinks and dinner. The menu is rich and creative. And although pizza’s were not on the menu they made fresh ones for our girls. We also had a very tasteful salad and pasta’s. Glutenfree isn’t a problem.

Via Dei Lucchesi 28

2.La Piccola Toscane

Nearby the appartment where we stayed there were some interesting restaurants. La Piccola Toscane for instance. Superb dishes, modern looking traditional/ local cuisine. And those deserts….delicious! Glutenfree is not a problem.

Via della Giuliana

3.Baccanale al 59

On the same road as the restaurant above is Baccanale al 59. Also a very inspiring menu and nice local wines too. Glutenfree is not a problem.

Via della Giuliana 59

4. La Soffitta Renovatio

In between the Castel Sant’Angelo and the Basilica San Pietro you’ll find this nice restaurant, located in a basement. They can make everything they have on the menu glutenfree, really everything and they even have a separate glutenfree kitchen. The food is delicious.

Piazza Risorgimento 46a

5.  Al Poeto

Around the corner from the Via della Guilana, where you can find Baccanale and La Piccola Toscane is Al Poeto. It is a Sardinian/ Italian restaurant. Great menu, nice wines and again they also know how to handle a glutenfree diet.

Via Rodi 40

Roman Streetfood

And of course there’s streetfood in Rome. First of all you have to try the Italian ice cream. Sold everywhere and really even the ice creams sold in the most simple foodtrucks taste great.

We visited Rome in October, so autumn had begun and chestnut sellers lit their fires in the streets. We hadn’t tasted it before, but felt the urge to taste some of the roasted chestnuts. Well, the smell is awesome, but we found the chestnuts itself rather tasteless I’m afraid.

All inspired by the Roman taste we went home determined to copy some of the pasta’s and salads we’ve had.




5 thoughts on “The taste of Rome

    1. Hi, I didn’t eat Caccio e Pepe, sounds great! I will give it a try when I’m back in Italy. My favorite Italian dish was a almond and ham risotto in Orvieto. It was so simple and so incredible tasty…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds like a great 2017 plan! I’d love to go back to Turkey and I’ve never been to Austria. 2017 is looking like Malaysia, NYC, Rome, Portofino and Croatia for now! Possible driving trips within Australia, if possible.


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