Rome, day 4: a shelter from the rain

What to do in Rome on a rainy day? We asked the girls and they voted for shopping. We decided to walk to the shopping area at the Via Cola di Rienzo in Prati. It’s near the Vatican area. A shopping zone for the Italians. Less busy and not as turisty as the other ones, for example the area near the Piazza di Spagna.

After the shopping and yet another delicious Italian lunch (I’ll promiss to write a special blog on the culinary experience in Rome) we went to the Saint Peter’s Basilica. This time to visit the inside, starting in the Dome.

This is the largest church in the world.  To the top of the Dome it measures 136 meters in height. We went up to the Dome taking the stairs, more than 500 steps up which we’ll never forget. The higher we climbed the smaller it became. But we did it! A cultural experience and workout in one! From the first gallery you can have a look inside the church, admire the Dome and the mosaïcs. From there we climbed further to the top of the Dome and went outside to walk around it and enjoy the view over the city. The way down is far more easy than up, that’s for sure and ends in the church itself.

We admired the richness of all the decorations in stone, wood and paintings, there’s not a thing left that isn’t touched by an artist. From the church we went into the Vatican Grotto, beneath the basilica to visit the shrines of the 91 popes.

After this we walked home with sore feet and a lot of impressions to hold. Four days spent and still four to go. Tomorrow we’ll go to the Vatican Museums!

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