Rome, day 1: exploring the city

Our first day in Rome and we decided to go and explore the city by foot. Not to go to musea (yet) or entering the main sites, but just walk and enjoy the city as it is. With a full week to spend we needn’t hurry. We walked to the Basilica di San Pietro (Saint Peters’ Church). An incessant flow of people on pilgrimage was entering the holy gate of the curch. De rest of the Piazza San Pietro was also crowded with people as if it were Sunday. And by the way, the weather is fantastic. The forecast of rain and thunderstorm turned out to be a warm and sunny day.  From the Piazzi San Pietro we walked to the Castel San Angelo and Ponte di San Angelo with the beautiful angels made by Bernini watching uwp-1476550059501.jpgs from beside.

We walked on to the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (fountain of the 4 rivers) on the Piazza Navona. Build between 1648 and 1651 by, again, Bernini. The fountain stands opposite to the Sant Agnese in Ogone Church, which is build by Berninis’ rival Borromini. It is said that Bernini made one of the gods ín the fountain looking up at the church, in fear it would fell down upon him, as a statement of envy towards Borromini. If the story is true? Probably not, because the church was finished much later than the fountain did. But this picture illustrates the story well, doesn’t it?

And on we went to the Pantheon, one of the best preserved Roman buildings. Build 27 BC and rebuild after a big fire between 118 and 125 AC. A temple for all the Roman gods and a Christian basilica from the 7th century on. It has the most beautiful dome with in the centre an occulus as main source of light light. We admired the Monument for Victor Emmanuel II, the king who will be remembered by uniting Italy into one country. This monument is called The Altare della Patria by the Italians but also a Sugarcake. I wonder why 🙂 .

Ever since my youngest daughter read a book in which the Bocca della Verita appeared she wanted to go to Rome. So today is the day. We entered the queue leading towards the Bocca. Legend has is it that if you put your hand in the mouth and tell a lie the Bocca will shut and bite your hand of. So there we are, in front of the Bocca, and we decided to go all for a test and put our hands in it’s mouth. And guess what? We passed the test and could walk on with our two hands intact. It has been a long walk and day and the girls were getting tired, so we decided to walk to the Colloseum, and take the Metro from there to our appartment. Tommorow we’ll be back there. We’ve already bought our entrance tickets online to skip the queues to the Colosseum, the Palatine Museum and the Roman Forum. More pictures of our first day in Rome you’ll find on Instagram.

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