Preparing for Rome

Less than 48 hours before we’ll fly off to Rome. It’ll be the first visit to Rome for the girls.  I’ve been lucky before. But with less than 2 days to go preparing now gets a serious activity. Yesterday I ordered 2 travel guides. One of those has some nice walking tours. Walking is really the best way to explore a city. But this time, bringing the kids, I’m not sure if they’ll like it as much as we do. So maybe a ‘hop-on-and-off-bus’, like we did in Barcelona, may be a nice option to see the city too. On Pinterest/ travel Rome I have been collecting must-sees for some time now. There’ll be more to see and do than we have days to explore I’m afraid. But the one thing we’ll surely visit is the Boca della Verita. It appeared in a book  of my youngest daughter (9, 7 at the time) was reading. And ever since she wanted to go to Rome and visit the Bocca della Verita. So we’ll have a moment of truth in Rome and challenge our honesty by putting our fingers in the bocca and if so may keep our fingers.

But the hours are ticking away and I’m planning what to do in Rome. I’d better plan what to bring instead. The weather forecast is nice, 20-something degrees. But we could have some rain (hope not). But better be save than sorry and bring raincoats…or not? I always pack for the girls and me. My husband adds his stuff at the last minute. I know that you can buy everything you forgot to bring but that doesn’t help. I tend to bring too much: too many clothes (times 3 persons), too much toiletries, too many books…I don’t think this time will be different. And of course I have to prepare to leave the house and cats save and sound. I’m sure my neighbor will take care of the cats, she always does. But I haven’t asked her yet. So, that’s another to do on my list. Empty the carbage bins, empty and clean the fridge…I think I’d better make a start. I’ll be restless anyway. That’ll stop when I step into the taxi. It is on my way to the airport that I’ll drop all my worries and realize that I’ve done everything I could and that my vacation has started. Time to enjoy!

In the days to come I’ll be sharing my Rome-sweet-Rome experience in MYO-life blog. Hope you travel along with me. And if you have some must-do’s, must sees, must-eats… please let me know!

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