Sweet pavlova

This is one of my favorite recipes: a classic pavlova topped with cream and fresh fruits. It all started at the wedding dinner of friends. The food was excellent and then the dessert came in. A huge pavlova for each table, both beautiful and delicious at the same time. I enjoyed every bite and was already thinking of replicating it. And so I searched for recipes because I needed something to start with. I found the right recipe in my large (and still growing) collection of cookbooks. A big pavlova  for 4 to 6 persons (I often double the recipe) in Donna Hays’ New Classics. So I practised once and then varied many times. On the photo you can see me making small pavlova’s as birthday cake for my husband. It fits perfectly into his glutenfree diet. I’d like to make toppings with whipped cream and mascarpone, adding a bit of vanilla or cinnamon and sometimes a bit of lemon curd. On top of the cream I put fresh fruits, whatever fruits are in season. Believe me, this is so easy to make and  serving this dish automatically brings you the compliments of your guests.

Birthday pavlova’s

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