Apple chorizo rice salad

I am still processing my apple harvest. And still have some kilos to go. So today I’ve made another and new apple dish. I found this recipe in the magazine of my supermarket: a salad of rice with nuts, apples, mushrooms and chorizo. This dish is very easy to make, certainly if you can buy ready-made nut rice.

First I cooked the rice, I roasted the chorizo with the mushrooms then added the apples. I made a dressing of lime juice, half a red pepper, rosemary and some olive oil. Within half an hour the rice , stir-fry and dressing were ready. I put it all together in a big bowl and added the rocket salad.

Time to serve and taste. Well, we liked it a lot. That’s me and my husband. However the children were less enthusiastic. They loved the salty taste of the chorizo but didn’t like the mushrooms. Sorry for that girls! Tomorrow there will be another dish to score.

Apple chorizo rice salad

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