Meet & greet a YouTube star

Well that was quite a new experience. Yesterday I went with my eldest daughter (12) to the Museum for Sound and Vision in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Most of all I enjoyed the architecture: a modern translation to all the memories of sound and vision, a real tribute to all the Dutch icons who stood before and behind cameras and made history. If I’ve made you curious by now go and see the Museums introduction on YouTube.


Museum of Vision and Sound

But the funny thing is, I wasn’t there for the museum. My daughter had subscribed to a meet and greet with a YouTube star. She had to go. I thought we could learn something, that it would be some kind of masterclass. And because my daughter has started her own YouTube channel and is making really nice vlogs, I thought this would be a chance to gather some clever tips and tricks. I was wrong. The star climbed the stage, welcomed his audience, pointed out where we could buy his merchandise and started… Started what? Started the photoshoot. Everyone who had signed in could take pictures (selfies) with the YouTube star. We were able to make a nice video. My daughter was perfectly happy. And yes, that’s enough for me. Maybe I was expecting too much.


After the meet and greet we’d enjoyed the museum. But that is such an overwhelming experience that we could not do it this once and have to come back.


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