Apple ovendish

Wednesday we went to an orchard to pick apples. So far (it’s Friday today) we’ve baked applepie and made 4 liters of applesauce. You wonder what I’ll do with 4 liters of applesauce? No problem, my husband and the girls simply love it (for the sweetness and cinnamon taste), we have 2 grandmothers and our neighbour we can make happy  with a pot of homemade sauce…and of course a freezer to keep some.

But because we still have kilos of apples left I searched for some nice apple recipes. In the Allerhande (supermarket magazine) I found an interesting recipe.  I had to try it out.

This evening I made an overdish with sprouts, sweet potatoes, red onions, salami and of course apples. And…it was delicious! Really. Even my youngest  daughter, who is really picky, liked it!

Want to try it too? Here’s the recipe (in Dutch). Enjoy!


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