The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

It is that time of year again. The apples are ready to harvest. So accompanied by my youngest daughter I went to the Olmenhorst, an estate near Lisse in The Netherlands, with an orchard full of apple and pear trees.

It already is a family tradition to go there every year, because it’s so much fun and we can never stop picking. Luckily we arrived early and had the orchard almost for ourselves. It can be really crowded, especially in the weekends. So, if you can, go on weekdays (Wednesday/ Friday from 13h – 17h).

We came home with lot’s of apples. No problem, we went straight into the kitchen and made our first apple pie to celebrate our harvest. Glutenfree, so my husband is also safe to eat a piece or 2.

I guess we will be making lot’s of apple dishes in the weeks to come. Today I will try to replicate my Mom’s apple sauce.


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