A weekend in Barca

Every year me and my friend travel the world leaving our loving families behind. A girls break from the daily routine. This year we went to Barcelona! Flew in on Thursday and back on Sunday. Enjoyed every moment!

We rented a small Airbnb appartment in El Born. This is the place you want to hang out all evening. It is full of lovely cafes, restaurants and little shops on walking distance from the Ramblas.

My aunt told me that she once took the tourist bus in Barca. You can hop in and off whenever and wherever you’d like. So we did. I must admit it is a fantastic way to see the city and the audio guide has told us more than we could ever read in our travel guides.

Barca, a Dali-architecture-Walhalla. What a genius and what a perfectionist Mr. Dali was. He designed everything, made sure that every little detail would fit in his plan. Not only he designed the buildings, but also the furniture, windows, airconditioning systems, lamps, door handles…everything.  We visited the Casa Batlló, the Sagrada Famillia and Park Guell.

When you love food, Barca will make you happy. There are so many fresh food markets. I’d love to throw a diner party there some day and do my shopping in those places. We didn’t have a plan where to eat, we’d decided on the spot where we would go. It turned out to be Tapas, Tapas and Tapas. We just love those little culinary bites.

You can do Barcelona in a weekend if you’d like, but a week won’t be a problem either. There’s so much to see and the whole atmophere is so pleasant. I’ve seen a lot this time, but I will surely go back to see so much more.




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